The latest JNLR listenership figures released today show that Irish radio stations continue to be the number 1 choice for Irish audiences with a combined strength of 85.5% share of the audio market in Ireland. This compares with 8.1% own music, 4.9% Spotify and 1.6% Podcast.

“Today’s JNLR results share a very positive story about radio in Ireland. Irish audiences have never had as much audio choice as they do today. Podcasts, playlists and aggregators are always cited as taking radio’s crown, but this is not the case. In Ireland, radio continues to outperform all other audio options and is the number 1 choice for the 3.1 million people who tune in to their favourite radio station for an average of 4 hours every single day” said Gabrielle Cummins, Chairperson of the Choose Radio Group.

With a sample size of more than 16,000 people, the JNLR is the most robust research conducted in Ireland and the results cannot be disputed with the latest JNLR figures released today confirming the popularity of radio in Ireland with 82% of the population tuning in every day. This translates into weekday figures of 3.1 million listeners.

JNLR October 2018 – the facts
1. 82% of people in Ireland listened to the radio yesterday.
2. On average, they spend in excess of 4 hours with radio every day.
3. When it comes to any audio listening in Ireland, live radio rules with 85.5%. This compares to 8.1% of owned music and 4.9% to Spotify.
4. Radio also dominates when compared with other media – 51.94% of all adults in Ireland used Social Media yesterday and just 31.12% read a national newspaper last week.
5. 255,000 people in Ireland listened to radio via a radio station App and 73,000 listened via the Irish Radioplayer in the last seven days.
6. Irish radio’s strong on-air performance is complemented across its digital platforms with over 10.2 million social connections.



(Statement issued on behalf of Choose Radio representing all of Ireland’s independent Radio stations and RTE)

Storm Ophelia was the most powerful storm to ever hit Ireland & in doing so it highlighted the most powerful media in Ireland – Radio. The reality is that when the Government needed to activate an emergency weather warning alert, they chose every radio station in Ireland to broadcast that all important announcement. Why? Because they knew radio was the best way to reach as many people as possible; efficiently and immediately. For this important event, along with FM broadcasting, every radio station in Ireland also utilised their many multi platforms to highlight the emergency alert. This aptly demonstrated the powerful way in which radio stations’ FM and online platforms can work simultaneously to get an important message across to people living all over the country; urban or rural, man or woman, twenty something to fortysomething – they received this key message from their radio station of choice.

People in Ireland trust radio; fact. One of its unique strengths is its ability to be both intimate but yet also capable of getting a clear message across to the masses. The latest Joint National Listenership Results (JNLR) published today emphasise the reality that Irish people still choose radio as their number one audio companion. Radio continues to dominate audio listening in Ireland with 3.1 million tuning in each day; up 14,000 from this time last year. Radio’s share of audio listening among all adults equates to a massive 87.6%. This compares with 8% share for ‘own music’ listening, 3.3% for Spotify and 1.1% for podcasts/listen back. Chairperson of #Choose Radio Gabrielle Cummins says “We saw first-hand with the recent horrendous weather conditions just how effective our medium can be when we work together and use all of our platforms to their maximum potential, to succinctly inform our large audience. As a collective, when we have an important message to get across, people will hear it and that’s a really powerful tool.” This latest publication covers the period October 2016 to September 2017


1. Over 3.1Million of you tune in everyday! This is an increase of 14,000 since the last JNLR.

2. That’s 83% of Irish Adults (15+) tuning in to Irish Radio on a daily basis.

3. We love to listen. Radio makes up 88% of all audio listening in Ireland.

4. In terms of 15 -34s, 77% tune in to Irish Radio on a daily basis and Radio accounts for 75% of their time spent listening to audio.

5. 95% of listening happens on the AM/FM Radio.

6. Listeners tune in on average for over 4 hours per day (4hrs and 12 mins – 247 minutes).

7. There’s no battle of the sexes when it comes to radio; listenership is split 51% female and 49% male.

8. Over a quarter of all adults who listen to radio have downloaded a radio station app (28%).

9. The audience is spread across urban and rural with 63% of listening in Urban Areas and 37% in Rural.

10. Radio dominates the share of audio listening at 88% versus listening to own music at 8% and streaming music at 3.3%


Note to Editors: #Choose Radio comprises of all of Irelands’ radio sales houses, drawn from both RTE and the Independent radio sector who are working together to raise the profile of radio advertising. If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact