As has been well documented, during the week commencing Monday June 4th, iRadio begun experiencing unprecedented technical difficulties.

This disruption was typified by a third-party static interference which repeated the word ‘warning’ over and over, the source of which was unknown.

What was clear though, was that the perpetrator of the disruption had made a clear and deliberate decision to hack into iRadio’s software to disrupt our regular programming, their motives for doing this uncertain.

However, due to recent developments, iRadio can now officially reveal that an unidentified person has made themselves known to the station. After a cryptic caller interrupted programming during the AO Show on the morning of Monday June 6th.

Calling themselves ‘The iRadio Thief,’ the mysterious disrupt-er taunted breakfast duo Aiden and Oonagh, as they hijacked the broadcast, promising further disruption in the days and weeks ahead.

‘’Why don’t you get a life,’’ Co-Host Oonagh O’Carroll was heard saying to the thief as he laughed menacingly.

There is a strong possibility that the thief may in fact be the same one that caused similar chaos on iRadio many years ago… however this is yet to be confirmed.

On that occasion, it took a number of weeks to bring an end to the Theif’s anarchist behaviour.

The location and identity of the ‘iRadio thief ‘reamains a complete mystery… But one thing is for sure… Until they are located, the mayhem is more than likely set to continue on the iRadio airwaves.

We would like to take the chance to assure our loyal listeners that all is being done to locate the thief at this time.